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By using the services Bet Social provides, using or purchasing products we offer you must agree and comply to the terms and conditions set out.

You must

Be over the age of 18, as UK Gambling Laws demand. If a resident of a country outside of the United Kingdom you must be aware of and follow laws, in relation to gambling at the level of Bet Social, in said region.

You must respect that our services provided are confidential and never under any circumstances share the information you receive with any 3rd party. Our products are intended for paying customers to Bet Social solely.

It is forbidden to:

Share any of our information, be it forwarding our emails, newsletters or tips. Likewise we will respect your confidentiality and not share any of your details with any website or third party outside of legal requirements. However, members should be aware that upon subscription to our service, payment will show up on cards as a tipster service. Bet Social reserves the right to terminate terms set out at any point in time. Note that when terms are changed they come into effect as soon as they are published. Although we will notify you upon making the changes, regularly review these terms and conditions.

Be Aware

The information supplied by the Bet Social service is given to members as a guide only and should not be treated as a tipping or a betting advisory service. Premiumsportstipsters.com holds no liability or accountability for any damages or losses that may occur from any information supplied within the website. Bet Social accepts no responsibility for the information, or any errors, contained within the daily tips posted by us, while is also not responsible for any information that is provided on sites or any affiliates linked from this site. Members’ agreement to this disclaimer statement will be honoured as soon as your membership starts with BetSocial.co.uk. Please also note that there may be some cases where tipsters can’t give any information surrounding a particular horse or participant.

If you feel that subjects of this terms and conditions are missing or invalid please contact us and we will quickly update our policy if we see fit.


Please use our ‘contact us’ page or email us at admin@betsocial.co.uk

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